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Graduated from the National University of San Juan as a Professor of Music Education, María Elina Mayorga has been a choir conductor since she was seventeen years old, an activity that began with the Arturo Beruti Chamber Choir. A similar task was carried out between 1986 and 2015 with the Choir of the Catholic University of Cuyo. With both choirs she has offered numerous performances throughout the provincial, national and international scope (Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Israel)

She studied Choral Conducting with Antonio Russo, Néstor Zadoff, J. Frombonne, P. Caillard, Carlos López Puccio, María del Carmen Aguilar, Larry Wyatt, Claudio Morla, Néstor Andrenacci, Clara Cortázar, Frank Druschel and Werner Pfaff, among others.

Creator of choral events:

International Choir Festival 
SAN JUAN CORAL (1998-2015) - Contest and National Choir Festival ANSILTA - MUSICA SACRA EN SAN JUAN (2012) - Festival CANTO EN SOL, for children and youth choirs - FORO CORAL AMERICANO, with the presence of outstanding representatives of the international choral community, from Canada to the southern tip of Argentina - SAN JUAN CANTA, International Choir Competition and Festival whose first edition was held in August, 2016.

Awards and distinctions:

2001: the Center for Culture of San Juan declared her "Remarkable Personality 2001" - 2002: she received a distinction of UPCN (National Civil Union) in recognition of hers contribution to culture - 2003: distinction of the Government of the Province of San Juan through the Undersecretary of Culture, in recognition of his career. Similar distinctions received from the National Gendarmerie (2004), the Club de Leones (2005) and the Municipality of Coquimbo and Casa de Chile in San Juan (2006) - 2007: on International Women's Day, she was declared "Illustrious Woman" by the Municipality of the City of San Juan - 2010: she was declared "Outstanding Woman of the Bicentennial" by the Women's Directorate of the Ministry of Human Development and Social Promotion of the Government of San Juan - 2011: the Rotary Club San Juan awarded it the "Professional Excellence Award" - 2016: The Honorable Chamber of Deputies declared her an Illustrious Citizen of the province of San Juan.

María Elina Mayorga is the dedicatee of several compositions and arrangements by authors such as Antonio M. Russo, Vivian Tabbush, Daniel Blech and Alfonso Paz, among others.
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Phone & WhatsApp: +54 9 264 452 5301
Pasaje Cervantes 1625 norte
5400 San Juan, Argentina

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SAN JUAN CANTA complies with the quality guidelines stipulated by the IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music) and the CFN (The Choral Festival Network) for International Choral Festivals and Competitions.