International Choir Competition, Grand Prix and Festival

International Choir Competition, Grand Prix and Festival

San Juan, Argentina

June 17 - 20, 2021

IMPORTANT NOTICE: San Juan Canta has scheduled its next edition for June 2021. However, we clarify to those interested that it can only be done if the general and sanitary conditions post COVID-19 allow us to guarantee the health of all those involved in the possible programming : Jurors, participating choirs, organizers and public.


María Elina Mayorga, founder and Artistic Director of San Juan Canta, has also been founder and Artistic Director of other choral events of great national and international prestige in which she has assessed a vast experience that now, together with the Arturo Beruti Choir, is set service of the organization of San Juan Canta.

Undoubtedly San Juan Coral, Ansilta and Musica Sacra en San Juan are among the most outstanding events.

They have had common axes of action that are also held in San Juan Canta currently:

1) the projection of the event in the community through the performance of innumerable concerts in schools, museums, churches and other cultural spaces of San Juan to share the song with the entire provincial community,

2) the organization of workshops and conferences by prestigious invited professionals, to offer participants and other interested parties the opportunity to study and improve on various topics related to universal choral singing,

3) the gala concerts at the Juan Victoria Auditorium, the main venue for the festivals. This Auditorium is one of the most important concert halls in Latin America for its excellent acoustics and modern design, with capacity for 1000 people, it constitutes an important attraction and an artistic delight for the participating choirs and the audience.

No less important has been the careful programming of a demanding and diverse repertoire from the Renaissance to the present day, including commissioned works and first auditions in San Juan. Folklore, traditional music and traditional costumes have also been present reflecting the traditions and identities of the participating choirs.

The sublime acoustics of the Juan Victoria Auditorium allowed the choirs to explore different formations and subtle dynamic ranges taking advantage of the amplitude of the stage optimizing the interpretation of their repertoire.

Social gatherings where friendship, music and dancing, typical foods, delicious wines of the region and the new affections of the friendly coral atmosphere magically closed each event.

Nine editions of San Juan Coral and four editions of Ansilta, among other projects, have made the choral activity of San Juan a point of great attraction and international recognition.
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SAN JUAN CORAL, International Choir Festival

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We invite you to enjoy the concerts of SAN JUAN CORAL through its YouTube channel.
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ANSILTA, Choir Competition and Festival

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The first edition of ANSILTA was made in August 2007, immediately followed by a second one (only festival, without the competitive instance) in 2008.

In 2010 a special edition was held in adhesion to the Bicentennial of the May Revolution that had important celebrations throughout Argentina.

In 2012 ANSILTA was suspended, due to the performance, also by the Arturo Beruti Choir, of the great interreligious artistic meeting called MUSICA SACRA IN SAN JUAN held in November 2012.

ANSILTA is resumed in August 2014, the year from which it is redesigned in the current event: SAN JUAN CANTA.

More about Ansilta here.
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Musica Sacra en San Juan - Novembrer 22nd to 27th, 2012

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Inspired by a similar event organized since 1992 in Marktoberdorf (Germany) under the initiative and organization of Modfestivals and the strong imprint of Dolf Rabus (†), we have held an International Meeting in San Juan of similar characteristics, mobilized by its objectives:

  • Bring the music of the main religions of the world to San Juan, Argentina and Latin America by organizing concerts in which Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Bahá'ís meet and act together.
  • Provide a vision of the diverse cultures and manifestations of God in the search for a greater mutual understanding, offer lectures, didactic concerts and a complete program in two languages ​​with articles of experts about religions and their music and all the texts of the performances offered in the concerts in the original language (whenever possible), with translations into Spanish and English.
  • Promote greater understanding among people of different origins and in this way make a contribution to peace in the world.
  • Provide an opportunity for members of the various religious groups to contact more directly with the present community.
  • Support the development of peaceful coexistence in the world.

More about Musica Sacra en San Juan here.

SAN JUAN CANTA meets the quality standards established by IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music) and CFN (Choral Festival Network) for International Choir Festivals and Competitions.

Registrations are open

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