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San Juan, Argentina

June 18 - 22, 2020




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María Elina Mayorga began her activity as a choir conductor on 1973 with Coro de Cámara Arturo Beruti. She is also the conductor of Universidad Católica de Cuyo's choir since 1986. She has given many concerts, with both of her choirs, both nationally and internationally (Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Perú, Brasil, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Israel)


Between 1998 and 2002 she was the conductor of the Asociación de Maestros

Sarmiento's choir. From April 2002 until December 2004 she created and conducted the Choir of Casa Natal de Sarmiento.


María Elina Mayorga graduated as a Musical Education Professor from Universidad

Nacional de San Juan. She obtained a second degree in University Teaching at

Universidad Católica de Cuyo. Her work as a Teacher includes secondary and college

teaching. Nowadays she is working as a Senior Professor at Universidad Nacional de San Juan.


María Elina Mayorga has studied Choral Conduction with Antonio Russo in Buenos Aires. Ever since, she is continuously studying to improve herself: Néstor Zadoff, P. Caillard in Paris; Carlos Lopez Puccio and María del Carmen Aguilar, Claudio Morla, Néstor Andrenacci, Clara Cortázar, Frank Druschel and Dolf Rabus (Choral Managing); Werner Pfaff. She continues with her Choral Conduction classes with Antonio M. Russo, continuing up to the present. She has been attending Singing lessons with Prof. Ana Sirulnik in Buenos Aires.


She promotes the performance of numerous and excellent choirs from Argentina and other countries in San Juan. She organizes permanent cycles for diffusion of choral repertoire, Concerts in Museums, Didactical concerts, Local school choirs festivals, etc.


María Elina Mayorga is the founder and Artistic Director of "San Juan Coral" International Choral Festival, which is celebrated since 1998 and is prestigious among similar events in the entire world.


Since 2007, as conductor of Coro de Cámara Arturo Beruti and President of its Artistic Committee organize ANSILTA, Choral Festival and Competition and since 2013 created Canto en Sol, Choral Festival for children and young choirs, 2016 is the founder and Artistic Director of SAN JUAN CANTA, Int. Choral Competition and Festival and from 2015 is the founder and Artistic Director of FORO CORAL AMERICANO.




In the year 2001 the Centro Sanjuanino para la Cultura named her "Remarkable Personality 2001".


In October 2002, UPCN (Unión Personal Civil de la Nación) recognized her contribution to culture.


In December 2003, the Province's Government, through the Culture Secretary, awarded her recognizing her work. She has received identical awards from National Gendarmerie (2004), Club de Leones (2005), Municipalidad de Coquimbo and Casa de Chile en San Juan (2006).


In March 8, 2007 (International Women's Day) she was awarded "Illustrious Woman" by the Municipality of San Juan City.


In March 2010 she was declared “Bicentennial Outstanding Women” by the Women's Directorate of the Ministry for Human and Social Development of the Government of San Juan.


In September 2011 the San Juan Rotary Club awarded the “Professional Excellence Award”


In June 2016 was awarded “Ciudadana Ilustre de la Provincia de San Juan” , the highest official distinction.


International activity


In November 2000 she was a Jury in the VIII "G. P. da Palestrina" International Choir Contest, celebrated in Rome and the Vatican City.


During years 2001, 2002 and 2003 she has worked as a conductor and a conduction professor in Mexico DF (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes) and Brasil (Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, Baurú y Universidad de Sāo Paulo)


In May 2004 she dictated a seminary about choral interpretation and conduction in Universidad Autónoma de México's National Music School.


In November - December 2004 she was a jury, panel member and invited conductor in Colombia's 1st National Choir Contest.

In 2005 she was a guest conductor, panel member and lecturer in the "Comunicantus" International Seminary, organized by Sao Paulo University’s Communication and Art School.


In 2007 he served as guest professional Choir of the University of Veracruz, Xalapa (Mexico)


In 2008 and 2016 she traveled to Marktoberdorf special guest of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher and Bayerischen Chorverbände Musikakademie Marktoberdorf to attend the International Sacred Music Festival.


In May 2009 he traveled to Israel where he gave two workshops and a conference as a guest of The Professional Center & Moran Israeil Vocal Choir.


In August 2012 she was invited by the Agrupación Lírica Ciudad Jardín (Viña del Mar - Chile) for concerts and a lecture about Coral Management for "Valparaiso - South American Coral Epicenter”, project selected and awarded by the Regional Government of Chile.


In May 2013 she participated as copresenter with Alejandra Blech on a conference regarding Argentinean Choral Music at the 1st “Music of the Americas” Symposium, in North Dakota, organized by NDSU and ACDA.


In June 2015, she presented a paper on “The Music in the Jesuitic Missions in South America” during the ACDA’s Second National Symposium on American Choral Music: The Music of Latinamerica.


María Elina Mayorga is Board Member of Choral Festival Network CFN


Choral event creation and organization


• "San Juan Coral" International Choir Festival - since 1998.

• "ANSILTA" Festival and Competition for Argentinean Choirs - since 2007.

•"Unidos en el canto" cultural program, which includes concert, workshop, course and meeting organization. Joint project of Coro de Cámara Arturo Beruti, Coro de la Asociación de Maestros Sarmiento, Coro de la Casa Natal de Sarmiento and Coro de la Universidad Católica de Cuyo. Years 2001, 2002 y 2003.

• Regional choral encounter, in adherence to the Choral Singing International Day.

Auditorio Juan Victoria.

• "Domingos culturales" cycle in San Juan's Casa España, Centro de Estudios

Universidad Católica de Cuyo.

• "Descubrir Cantando" regional choir festival, for students of primary and secondary


• "Canto por Santa Fe" solidary choir festival, in aid of the victims of the Santa Fe province floods. Auditorio Juan Victoria, mayo 2003.

• Coordinator in the celebration of Universidad Católica de Cuyo's 50th anniversary,

September 2003.


Works dedicated to María Elina Mayorga


- Antonio M. Russo: "Eros - Selene - Eros" Profane cantata, based on poems by Pablo

Neruda and Federico García Lorca, for soprano, choir and orchestra. Premiered by Coro de Cámara Arturo Beruti, Andrea Maragno and Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad Nacional de San Juan in the Juan Victoria auditorium, November 8th 1996, under the composer's conduction.-Three charols, published by Ediciones GCC 2003: "Mi señora he visto un niño", "A las doce de la noche" and "Nació, nació pastores".

- “Angelus”, published by Ediciones GCC 2006.

- Daniel Blech: choral arrangement of A. Piazzolla's "Oblivion", for 8-voice choir, premiered in the Juan Victoria auditorium during the IV International Choir Festival "San Juan Coral 2004” and other folk music arrangements.

- Vivian Tabbush: choral arrangement of E. Villavicencio's "San Juan por mi sangre",

premiered in the Juan Victoria auditorium during the "Festival de Invierno" of june 2003, in the XXXº anniversary of Coro de Cámara Arturo Beruti, under the arranger's conduction.

- Alfonso Paz: choral arrangement of J. Fandermole “Oración del Remanso”


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