San Juan - Argentina, August 16th - 20th, 2018




SAN JUAN CANTA International Choral and Festival is a renewed choral proposal from San Juan, Argentina, based on the international trajectory displayed in the organization of nine editions of "San Juan Coral”, four editions of "Ansilta, National Choral Competition and Festival”, four editions of “Canto en Sol", international festival for children and youth choirs and the first release of San Juan Canta in August 2016.

It is organized every two years by Coro Arturo Beruti and its conductor, Professor María Elina Mayorga, who is the creator and Artistic Director of all the mentioned events.

Sponsored by the Government of San Juan, San Juan Canta is an important opportunity to artistic and cultural exchange that is offered from San Juan, the great Argentinian choral pole, internationally recognized for its excellence.

Our goals:

* to sing together in a major international event, promoting the interpretation and propagation of the universal choral repertoire.
* to strengthen the choral activity in San Juan, Argentina, connecting and analyzing among the participants the universal choral repertoire, interpretative styles and qualities of the countries represented.
* to provide the opportunity to learn and improve by participating in workshops, conferences and seminars in charge of outstanding professionals.
* to share in San Juan the choral music of all times, as well as to enhance the love for choral singing.

Being the beautiful Auditorio Juan Victoria the headquarters of the auditions and concerts, we make an international call to amateur choirs in all categories to show their artistry by choosing any of the three modes: Festival, Competition and Grand Prix

San Juan Canta will be supervised by the Chairman of the Artistic Committee, Prof. Maria Elina Mayorga, in cooperation with the President of the International Jury, Dr. T. J. Harper (Boston, U.S.) and a prestigious group of world recognized jurors. Important awards are offered. In addition, concerts in the city and activities by guest professionals, as well as social meetings of comradeship among all participants are organized.

No less attractive is the idea of visiting San Juan and discover its beautiful mountain landscapes and wineries.

We invite you to explore our website, learn the basis and participation requirements and join us for the 2018 edition.

Next editions: August 16 - 20, 2018 and August 13 - 17, 2020.

The Government of San Juan and Coro Arturo Beruti give you the most openhearted welcome.

Further information: Prof. María Elina Mayorga

Pasaje Cervantes 1625
Manzana 1, Casa 7
Barrio SMATA
5400 San Juan, Argentina
Telephone +54 264 423 4284 - +54 9 264 452 5301
E-mail: sanjuancanta@gmail.com
Web: http://www.sanjuancanta.com.ar

Host: Coro Arturo Beruti (San Juan, Argentina)